Chelmsford Cricket Club
Expanding practice area
In 2007 Chelmsford Cricket Club had a double bay facility constructed with a Premier system
and a Test Match system batting ends. After eleven seasons of use the opportunity arose with
funding to not only resurface the worn surfaces of the existing facility but also to expand to an
additional bay.
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Rather than simply replacing the worn batting ends and adding a third lane alongside the club
opted to redevelop the entire area and convert the batting ends to continuous 24m strips rather
than batting and bowling ends.
This meant that the existing two batting ends had to be removed and rebuilt back towards the
bowling ends in order to maintain consistent performance throughout.
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The existing frame was taken down and the poles cleaned and coated with rust proofing at the bottom before being re-erected.
Additional framework was installed to extend the frame to three bays and down both outer wings to prevent casual traffic running
over the bowling ends and extended run ups.
The third lane was constructed using the Premier system as this was the preferred option based on the previous eleven seasons of
The final choice made was to install a separate anti vermin skirt around the outer perimeter with an additional piece for across the
front end of the frame when the nets are not in use.
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“We are very pleased with the workmanship and quality of our new nets,
and Verde Sport Cricket's assistance in achieving the tight programme
required for ECB funding.” Andrew Shepherd - Chelmsford Cricket Club