Heaton Cricket Club
Six and a half years in
the making
Heaton Cricket Club, Bolton, have finally achieved the ambition of providing synthetic turf
practice facilities at their Lower Pools ground.
In December 2010 they first approached Verde Sports Cricket to discuss the possibility of
installing a double bay facility on a plateau of land adjacent to the pavilion and above the
main playing area.
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After a number of re-quotes and false dawns
the club finally managed to secure enough
funding early in 2017 to enable the project to
go ahead.
Work finally got under way in the second week
of June and the site was set out and stripped.
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Due to the location of the facility the framework had three features. An
extension to one side to prevent balls going into adjacent gardens, a white
sight screen/ball stop to help batsmen see the ball and stop balls going into
the adjacent field and a white screen behind the batsmen so bowlers can see
balls hit back towards them.
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The area was effectively level with a slight hump in the middle and a drop into one corner, beyond the location of the batting ends.
Following completion of the excavations one Test Match and one Premier system batting end was installed along with two bowling
ends. The surrounds were graded and built up with stone to create an overall area of 33.00 x 8.00m.
With the Superverde playing surfaces and Verdegrass14 surrounds installed all that was left was the erection of the frame and