Leamington Spa
Cricket Club
Leamington Spa Cricket Club first approached us in December 2013 to look at the
reconstruction of their triple bay facility. Unfortunately funding was not forthcoming
and having managed to acquire some carpets they resurfaced the existing facility
themselves. As they still wished to install a new facility with fencing to control use
they continued to search for funding and decided to install in a new location as the
current template would extend a fence to far into the outfield.
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After a further two years a grant
was finally offered by Sita and
the club contracted to install a
triple bay, with setting out
starting on 19th September 2016
Once the levels were set and the perimeter edging installed it was
decided to excavate and build in stages so as to avoid the site
becoming waterlogged should the weather turn wet.
Starting behind the batting ends and working down the length each
area was excavated and the base constructed in turn until all were
Whilst the frame and netting was being erected Charnwood Fencing came in to erect the
2.40m high V mesh panel fencing with double gated access around the area.
The completed facility consists of two Test Match and one Premier system batting ends
plus three bowling ends all surfaced with Superverde. Verdegrass 9 has been installed
around the playing areas to create and overall surfaced area of 33.00 x 13.00m.
The frame is 18.30m long and consists of 42mm diameter galvanised tubular steel 3.60m
high, with each bay 3.66m wide and covered with 2.3mm knotless netting.
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With the bases complete surfacing
started with the Verdegrass 9 surrounds
behind the batting ends and working
down the length until all was completed
and the frame could be erected.