Match Pitches
Alternatively a match
pitch can be installed in a
field to provide a pitch
where previously no
cricket facility existed.
A synthetic turf match pitch can be an invaluable resource to a club,
school or local authority. Requiring lower maintenance than conventional
grass yet providing a safe, consistent performance.

As part of a grass square they can be used to take the strain off the grass
pitches by using them for evening games, including junior, youth and
adult games, allowing the grass to be used for weekend cricket.

They can also be used for matches should the ground conditions prevent
the use of the grass pitch or if no grass pitch exists.

A match pitch used with traditional pole and guy rope nets or freestanding
and mobile frames also provides a practice facility that can either
compliment off field practice facilities or for smaller clubs, and grounds,
replace the need for separate practice facilities.
Where a grass cricket square exists it is best that the pitch is
fitted as an integral part or extension of the square.
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