Moorside Cricket Club
Enclosed Double Bay
Moorside Cricket Club, Oldham, had an old double bay practice
facility consisting of concrete bases with a frame set into the
concrete. Surfaces had been laid on the ground to provide bowling
ends but the whole facility was deemed unsuitable for the clubs
needs and ambitions. As a result they set about seeking quotations
to replace this with a system that would meet ECB recommendations
and requirements.
One drawback of the existing location was that it went towards the
playing area and a frame meeting ECB minimum requirements would
extend into the outfield. Adjacent to this was an area of unused land
that had previously been a tennis court, so it was suggested that this
would make an ideal location for an enclosed design that would
enable the old concrete bases to be used as a storage area for the
The area was stripped off and timber edgings installed to set the
perimeter levels. With the sockets set in concrete the stone bases
were constructed with a Premier system and a Test Match system
for the batting ends. Superverde surfaces were fitted for the batting
and bowling ends and Verdegrass 14 for the surrounds and run ups,
creating a surfaced area of 34.00 x 8.00m.
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The 42mm heavy duty frame and netting were erected to a total length of 32.94m with an
18.30m central division and roof. For safety the last bay of the outer frame has no net so that
bowlers waiting at the end of the run ups can escape should balls be hit towards them.
Wrap around batting screens have been provided at the batting ends and an anti-vermin
fabric installed around the outer perimeter, both fixed to wires with tension screws to enable
the wires to be kept taught. As a safety feature and to increase stability the batting screens
are fixed top and bottom to wires.
Club Treasurer, Tim Mitchell: "The Club has invested in a range of improvements over the last 10 years
often supported by grants from a range of national and local funding bodies. The new practice nets were
seen as the final piece of the jigsaw – a facility which will be open to the Club and the local community
(including our partner schools) to use. Having successfully applied for a grant from Viridor Credits (an
independent, not-for-profit organisation which provides funding for community, heritage and biodiversity
projects around the UK through the Landfill Communities Fund). The Club obtained three quotations for the
project and Verde Sports (Cricket) Ltd was selected as our preferred supplier based on both technical
specification and, critically, value for money."