Penzance Cricket
After a process lasting more than three years Penzance Cricket Club have a triple bay
practice facility consisting of two "Premier" and one "Test Match" batting ends, bowling ends
and VG14 surrounds. The overall area measures 33.00 x 13.00m and is surrounded by a
3.00m high 8-6-8 welded mesh fence.
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Funding became available from Sport England and
levelling work on the site began in February.
Unfortunately the heavy rain immediately flooded the
area and works couldnt continue until Mid April.
Once the final sub-base levels were established the sockets
were installed for the frame followed by the stone for the
surrounds and the bases for the batting and bowling ends.
Starting from the rear of the batting ends, the shockpads
and surfaces were fitted as the base works for the bowling
ends and run ups continued.
As the end neared the perimeter fencing was installed with
a double gated access point allowing access for
maintenace equipment and ambulances.
With all the surfacing installed the frame and netting
was erected and a netting and mesh sight screen and
ball stop erected behind the bowlers run ups. This will
stop balls going into the adjacent car park and protect
the fencing from balls that are struck back out of the
net lanes.
The frame features a unique feature to prevent heavy
rain causing damage to the aggregate bases of the
batting ends.
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