Sir Joseph Williamson
Mathmatical School
Sir Joseph Williamson School, Rochester, had for many years made do with a four
bay net area that had been developed piece meal over a number of years. The
batting ends were set under trees and were at different heights and gradients.
When funding became available for redevelopment research led them to follow
recommendations within the county to approach Verde Sports Cricket.
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A brief was given to provide a five bay area with ECB approved systems all constructed in accordance with ECB recommendations
and requirements.
A scheme was compiled to include five Premier system batting ends, five bowling ends, Verdegrass 9 surrounds and an 18.30m long
frame and netting.
Works commenced with the removal of
the existing frames and surfaces and the
setting out of the new location.
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Following the erection of the netting tensioned wires were fitted to eye
clamps for wrap around batting screens.
Finally the screens were fitted and the surfaces marked out ready for
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The area was excavated to new levels with gradients in line with ECB recommendations and was moved away from the overhang of
the trees at the batting ends. Batting ends were constructed and surfaced, followed by the bowling ends, surrounds and erection of
the frame.