Stony Stratford
Cricket Club
Funding became available to the club over
the 2014/15 winter and after investigating
the current market the club returned to us
to provide two additional "Test Match"
In 2003 a single lane "Test Match" system with a 14.40m long frame was installed at the
club. The batting and bowling ends were resurfaced in 2014, after eleven season use and
plans were formulated to increase the size of the facility to three lanes by adding two new
lanes one each side of the original facility.
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First thing to do was to remove the old
surrounds and take down the frame and
New bases were installed for the additional batting and bowling ends and the
surrounds graded to match.
Once completed the surfaces were laid and the extended frame and netting
were erected.
With the background behind the batsmen being dark a white screen
has been installed to help bowlers see balls struck back towards
In order to comply with current ECB
recommendations the frame line had
to be moved back from its current
location such that there is now 1.50m
between the netting and the batting
strip to all three lanes.