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Woven Surfaces
stand the test of
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Keswick Cricket Clubs three bay practice area
was first installed in the spring of 1997 and
throughout this time they have been heavily
used as can be seen in the left hand photograph.
The right hand photograph shows the area
completely resurfaced in the spring of 2014.
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Recently much has been made about the relative merits of woven and tufted surfaces in respect of durability. One report on abrasion
tests were interpreted as tufted being the most durable whilst a report on spike tolerance showed that needle punched carpets were
the best, with tufted being the worse.
Both these test illustrate the difficulty in transferring laboratory tests into the real world as they make no allowance for weathering or
actual wear. Woven carpets have been used for almost forty years now and have always shown the greater tolerance to spike
footwear. Fibre bonded surfaces tend to be scratched away by spikes and the backing of tufted carpets is just too weak to withstand
a bowler using spikes.
What is also certain is that woven carpets have stood the test of time and in the last fifteen months nine clubs have returned to us to
have their woven carpets replaced on their practice facilities with an average lifespan of almost 12 years. A number of these clubs
have only had batting ends replaced with the old batting end carpet being given a new lease of life by being reused at the bowling end.
Conversely a recent trip to a club to advise on a facility with an eight year old tufted carpet resulted in the carpet tearing with bare
hands as it was lifted to inspect the base.
First installed in 2000 the surfaces at
Marston St Lawrence Cricket Club
were looking tired and showing signs
of wear but had not worn through at
the bowling end even after 13 years
A change of the surfaces gave the
whole facility a new lease of life and
looking almost brand new.