Pitch Systems
Test Match
Two specialist base systems are supplied with different levels and types of
performance within the requirements of ECB technical requirements, TS6 2007.
These mimic the playing characteristics of a range of natural grass pitches for
different types of use and to facilitate specific coaching.
The "Test Match" system (UK Patent No. 2311730 B) is the Mark 4 incarnation of the tried and tested
combination of a specialised hard porous aggregate over an angular stone foundation and represents the
most sophisticated design of its type.

Pace and bounce on the pitch is determined by the moisture and compaction in the base and changes as
the prevailing climate varies during the season, becoming faster and more bouncy as the base hardens.
Users can also roll the pitch before use to further manage the playing performance to suit their own

Within the "
Test Match" the selected aggregates, which includes 10mm-dust stone as the foundation, are
isolated from the surrounding ground and each other by RBGtex, to prevent mixing and worm infestation.
With the largest particle being 10mm coupled with the dust content the stone can be graded to fine
tolerances before subsequent layers are laid. AP10 Shockpad protects the surface of the hard porous to
reduce the effect of balls landing on the surface. This eliminates the risk of any deterioration in the base
construction meaning maintenance is lower and in years to come only the surface needs replacing.
The "Premier" system includes both Premier Pad and AP10 Shockpad laid over a specialised
hard porous base. As with the "Test Match" system the hard porous is isolated from the
surrounding ground by RBGtex to prevent contamination and erosion.

The addition of the Premier Pad creates additional bounce and eliminates the need for the
compacted stone sub-base.

With bounce now being provided by a manufactured product the condition of the base becomes
less influential reducing the variable element of the pitch due to climate and compaction. This
means that consistent levels of bounce are provided for all age groups throughout the season.
The ball is able to grip in the extra layer of the design making the pitch more receptive to spin and

This combination of consistent and true bounce, providing confidence to batsmen, coupled with
movement through spin and seam, providing some assistance to the bowlers, makes the pitch an
ideal balance between bat and ball.
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Characteristics and
If your looking for the performance this type of base provides the
"Test Match" system is the best option as only the Test Match system
includes these features to guarantee the base stays in its constructed
Contrary to what others might claim all pitches of this genre, if constructed
correctly, will provide similar performance when first constructed. However,
without protection beneath the carpet the surface of the hard porous can become
pitted and require levelling resulting in a higher maintenance. Without the
geotextiles worms can infiltrate the base and disturb the surface, again resulting
in the hard porous needing levelling, and in time the two layers of aggregate can
become integrated in to a solid mass resulting in a gradual increase in pace and
bounce until the pitch can play like concrete. In extreme circumstances the
larger base stone can even work its way up through the hard porous to the
surface causing irregular bounce. Should either of these occur the only option is
to remove the aggregate and construct a new base.