Repairs and
Provided the routine maintenance appropriate to the specification is carried there should be little need to call in
specialists. However, not all clubs have the resources to undertake this and on occasions it is necessary to call
on specialist help either to carry out a general service or solve a problem.
Our vast experience enables us to suggest remedies to most problems and carry out any work necessary.
The surface takes the brunt of the use and over time will wear
either from the impact of spiked footwear or the hitting of the
surface with the base of the bat.
Initial repairs can be carried out on a self help basis and patch
packs including surface, adhesive and carrier tape can be
provided. A fitting service can be provided if required.
Eventually the surface will become so worn that patching is
inadequate and the surface needs to be replaced. We can
supply and fit new surfaces and at the same time service the
From time to time synthetic turf pitches may need servicing or repairs either to the base or the surface.
Surface repairs
Maintenance Products
Patch Packs - One square metre of surfacing together with
5 linear metres of carrier tape and a cartridge of adhesive
ideal for minor repairs around the popping creases.
Superverde - £ 85.00 including delivery and VAT
Scanabowl "B" - £ 70.00 including delivery and VAT
Repair cord for Knotless netting
50 metres - £ 10.00 including delivery and VAT
100 metres - £ 19.00 including delivery and VAT
Black Cable ties 200 x 4.8mm
Pack of 100 - £ 1.44 including vat (Post and packing £ 3.95 per order)