It can be difficult to look at different schemes and decide which is the most appropriate and the best option.
To help with this the features we incorporate are outlined below.

1)        Most sophisticated and advanced base designs
2)        Two base systems for the batting ends providing different playing characteristics to suit all levels and abilities within the club
3)        Small stone size, max 10mm, used for foundation of Test Match system enabling it to be levelled and consolidated to fine tolerances
4)        All layers of build isolated by porous geotextiles preventing mixing and contamination, thereby maintaining the structure of the base and
increasing longevity
5)        8mm Wilton woven surfaces for playing areas, most spike tolerant and optimum pile length. Woven carpets have uniform permeability over
       the entire structure and unlike tufted surfaces don’t rely on punched holes through an impervious backing.
6)        Company is the only one to follow ECB guidelines and advocate the use of spiked footwear
7)        14mm tufted surface as surrounds, no sand filling so does not encourage vegetation growth
8)        Netting sized to fit snuggly over frame and fixed to ground with rope and ground pegs, rope is less likely than wire to wear the netting and
can, unlike wire, be pulled right to ground level. Replacement cost of polypropylene rope is less than 10 pence per metre whilst wire rope
replacement costs no less than 75 pence per metre.
9)        Knotless netting with 40mm mesh size is easy to repair in the event of damage and will not let even junior balls pass through, 3.6mm braided
netting also available
10)        Frames supplied from Harrod Uk, the leading sports equipment supplier, ensuring consistency and continuity should spares be required in
the future
11)        Playing strips are centrally located within width of each lane.
12)        2.74m width of surfacing enables maintenance of the pitches without having to lift surfaces from under the netting.
13)        Playing surfaces can be replaced when worn without having to replace surrounds
14)        Screens around batsmen designed with safety and coaching in mind
15)        Anti vermin skirts fitted separately to netting so each can be replaced individually if damaged and do not create stress on netting
16)        Synthetic surfacing fitted up to perimeter fences and fence panels fitted on inside of uprights flush to surfacing
17)        Site supervisors have a minimum of 8 years of experience, up to 30 years
18)        Designer has over 38 years of experience of synthetic turf cricket facilities, was part of the initial research and development, and had 3 years
as ECB non turf pitch consultant
19)        Quality assurance procedures and checks during construction

Other companies may include some of these features within their schemes and products, but we are the only one that has them all.
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